Where to Write

So you can tell by the title of this post that the question of the day is “Where do I write?”

The short answer is: Everywhere.

Seriously, as I get more and more into this writing lifestyle I find myself thinking about my story everywhere I go. So it is only natural for me to try to figure out ways to work on it no matter where I am. I’ll fill you in on some of the ways I do it, but you are ultimately going to have to figure out for yourself what works for you.

First: I use my laptop. Laptops are great for doing work wherever you want to go. And you might be surprised at how many places there are that offer a seat and a place to work with free WiFi connections. My favorite places to take my laptop are Starbucks, Culvers, and my local library. The next time you go to your favorite restaurant or café, check to see if they have WiFi available to customers.

Second: I use a free application available through Google Apps that lets me upload my story to a secure website so that I can write while I’m at work. You can find it at www.mywritingnook.com. Another reason I use it is because it also lets me download the files to my iPod Touch so that I can even work on it when there I don’t have a network connection. It isn’t as easy to write just using my thumbs, but at least I can continue my work while I’m offline and upload the changes when I find a WiFi hotspot.

Third: Personally, I hate writing by hand. If I can’t type it out on my laptop or my iPod it probably won’t get written. But you can bet that if I have a good idea for my book and I don’t have my iPod I will beg, borrow, or steal to get a piece of paper and a pencil.

Fourth: Use your head. Sometimes it is best just to let the ideas stew for a while. You may think an idea is a good one, but if you wait a bit before you start putting words on paper you may be able to work out some of the fine details that will make it great.

So that’s the scoop on what works for me. Where do you write? Leave a comment and share with us. See you next week!


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