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To continue the Social Networking discussion I thought I would expand on each of the options listed in the prior post. We’ll start with Twitter. I’ll list some of the people and groups that I follow to give you an idea of how you can use it in a way that suits you.


Besides my friends and family, I follow several authors. Not all of them write in the same genres that I do. I follow them for several reasons. First, because they are authors so their tweets often give good advice or encouragement to me when I am struggling. Second, because a lot of them are independents I can get advice from them on self publishing. Third, just like in the job market, it helps to know people. If you can build a relationship with other published authors they will often help you when you are ready to promote your own book. And finally, several of them are local authors. We get together once in a while for write-ins and to discuss our work.

Local Authors

  • Zombie_Joe
  • Jesilea
  • Jamwes
  • WillRaboin

Genre  and Independent Authors

  • WickedLPixie
  • susan_bischoff
  • Momjeans1975
  • CristynWest
  • mercedesmy
  • CarolHoladay
  • andrewmocete
  • MichelleRowen
  • jenniferjoseph_
  • EllenMeister

Favorite Authors

  • jayewells
  • longshotauthor
  • ShannonKButcher
  • StaciaKane
  • kaitnolan


I follow several groups and businesses related to the writing field. Some are related to the genres I write, some are support networks for authors, and some are professional publishers or editors.

  • ParaYourNormal
  • NaNoWriMo
  • ScrivenerApp
  • awfulagent
  • AdviceToWriters
  • Style_Matters
  • byrcecullen
  • WritingSpirit

So my advice to you is to check the websites of your favorite authors and see if they have a Twitter feed (mine is @BSRPG). Do the same with some publishing companies. And post tweets about your own writing. The Twitter bots will use your content and soon authors and businesses will start following you!


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