ROW80 Status – Day 13

I’m still plugging along with ROW80. My daily goal of 500 words of fiction has been difficult to reach at times, but I’ve kept at it and managed to make it so far. My blog posts have also been consistent, although the post for today is being published a bit late. I meant to have it done last night so that it could be scheduled to publish at 6 AM, but since I fell asleep in my chair as I was working to get my daily goal done I figured it would be best to put it off until today. And then today I decided I wanted to use this morning to catch up on my reading.

Still To Do:

  1. Write another 500 words of my YA novel, Six Days to Sabbath.
  2. Spend some time researching and planning plot points for my YA novel.
  3. Prepare tomorrow’s Author In Progress blog post.
  4. Finish celebrating my birthday (yes it is today). Happy 42nd to me!

See you again soon!



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5 responses to “ROW80 Status – Day 13

  1. If you’re falling asleep in your chair then you really must be working very hard! Well done for keeping up with your word count. 🙂

  2. There’s been a lot of birthdays this week. Mine was Friday. Happy birthday and awesome you’re keeping up with your goals.

  3. Happy B-Day! I like the title for your YA project. I’m already intrigued.

  4. Happy birthday! Great job with being consistent-I’m also doing 500 words a day and I hope it won’t be such a struggle by the end of the challenge. Good luck for week 3.

  5. Falling asleep in your chair is a definite sign to postpone the writing.
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great day.

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