I’m an Empty Well


I kind of ran out of ideas for my blog. At least, I ran out of ideas on specific writing topics. I could write about other stuff. Like what I had for breakfast today (banana and oatmeal with raisins). Or I could blather on about some inane part of my life (sorry, maybe I’m actually doing that right now).

Actually, I think that when I wrote my ROW80 update yesterday I should have saved the bit about using a story file for today. Thanks to everyone for your comments, by the way. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with ADHD.

So when I say I’m an empty well, what does that mean? It sounds bad, doesn’t it? It sounds like I mean that there’s nothing left. Actually, when I wrote that title, what I was thinking was that I am open to being filled. Like I am a ready receptacle. Does that make sense?

When I am writing, I feel like I am channeling the story. Like a medium with a ghost. I am a vessel waiting to be filled. I welcome the characters into me so they can tell their tale through my keyboard. When I am writing I usually feel more like I am reading, as I am surprised by what happens. It’s an interesting experience.

Don’t get me wrong here. I also try to plan the story. I try to determine a basic plotline for the book early on. But when I write, I don’t worry if the characters deviate from that plot. I might try to guide them back onto the path when they go astray, or I might decide to follow them for a while. Maybe their destination is more interesting than the spot I had picked out for our little adventure.

How do you feel when you write? Do you plan everything out before you start so you know what is going to happen at every turn? Or do you just let the story flow like I do? What do you do when your tale starts changing direction?

Please leave comments. Especially if you have suggestions for what I can write about next week. Thanks!


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One response to “I’m an Empty Well

  1. I have general ideas about the plot, but it’s more about the characters. And yes, they do lead me along and we take some strange detours sometimes! Which reminds me…I can hear them calling right now!

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