Dreaming of Something Wonderful

So yesterday I mentioned that I had a dream for a new story idea. I was on the edge of sleep yesterday morning, just at the point where I can vaguely remember my dreams. This happens to me a lot, and most of the time the dreams are really weird, or they are about my kids when they were little. But occasionally, like yesterday morning, they are fairly lucid and give me ideas about something I can write about. That is, if I can remember the dream long enough to jot down some notes about it.

Some people keep a dream journal next to their bed. This is supposed to help them understand their dreams. It can also be used to jot down some notes about your dreams before you forget about them. I don’t keep a dream journal, even though I have often considered it in the past. Usually just after I lost a great idea.

I like using my dreams as inspiration for my writing. I think that is one of the reasons why I have the dreams. The dreams are my subconscious mind presenting story plots to my conscious mind for consideration. My Finding Valhalla story started with a dream. It wasn’t much, just the name of my main character, along with an opening line. I took it from there and ran with it.

You’re probably wondering about my new dream. It was about a group of people who were on a quest. The group was a mix of humans, zombies, and vampires. They were all working together because there was something in it for everyone. You see, apparently there are two types of zombies. The first type is the typical dumb as graveyard dirt zombie. The second is a sentient zombie (like Mark Henry’s character Amanda Feral), which evolves from the dumb zombie if it gets enough of the right attention (like feedings) from a vampire. The sentient zombie can also evolve into a vampire, and a vampire can become human again, both only if the right conditions are met.

So my group of adventurers consisted of a human, a dumb zombie, a sentient zombie, and a vampire. The human is related to the dumb zombie and wants to help it become human again. To do this, they have to work with the sentient zombie and the vampire, possibly helping them regain their humanity as well. Their quest will take them to some very unusual places and put them in strange and dangerous situations. I’m still working on the actual plot for this. Does anybody have any unusual legends or quests that I can use?

How often does this happen to you? Do you use dreams as inspiration for your stories? How frustrating is it when you dream something cool but then forget about it before you can write it down? Tell me about your dreams!


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  1. I think that sometimes ideas for stories come to me through dreams, but it’s usually just a snippet of something.

    I want to start having a dream journal on my nightstand, because I think the ideas would be more fleshed out if I could jot them down right away.

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