ROW80 Status – Day 34 (Feb 5)

Word counts:

  • 2/2 – 626
  • 2/3 – 604
  • 2/4 – 629
  • 2/5 – 858

Six Days To Sabbath is now up to 2,362 words total. Finding Valhalla is up to 60,038 words total and I am well into the finale. It’s very emotional, which means it’s REALLY hard to write. I’m typically a calm and reserved kind of guy so trying to write this climax is a real challenge for me. I’m sure I’ll be mucking about with it for months trying to get it right as I edit.

I have also started editing Dragons At Dawn. Right now what this means is that I have put the first draft into a new Scrivener project and have reorganized the files. I’m re-reading the draft, breaking it up into individual scenes, and making notes on what is happening in each scene. Once I finish that I will go through and figure out what parts I want to keep and which need to be replaced. Details about my editing plans are here. I’ll probably rewrite most of it, because I have a new vision of the story. One that is much darker and more dramatic than the original draft. But I don’t want to start the rewrites until I finish Finding Valhalla, which should probably be next week.

So that’s my progress for ROW80 this week. I’m meeting all my goals, and I’ve had several new story ideas in the last couple weeks that should keep me writing for a long time. I hope you are all doing well too. We’re all in this together!



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5 responses to “ROW80 Status – Day 34 (Feb 5)

  1. Great job! My week was more about other stuff…I managed to think about my characters and plots and incorporate some of it into my one writing day!

    Here’s my ROW 80 UPDATE

  2. Yay! I’m happy you’re having a awesome week. Keep plugging away!

  3. Sounds like a really good week, well done 🙂

  4. sound like you’re on your track – the editing sounded very complicated when I read it but then I realsied thats pretty well what I do – but without the physicality of seperating – now I have scrivener myself I can see myself doing the same
    anyway keep smiling

  5. I’m impressed with those who write novels in the manner you describe; Scrivener is something I’ve tried but it just doesn’t fit my writing style, but I’m pleased to hear it’s such an effective tool for you! Wonderful work.

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