ROW80 Status – Day 37 (Feb 8)


  1. 500 words of new fiction every day
  2. Finish first draft of Finding Valhalla
  3. Start editing Dragons At Dawn
  4. Post to my blog on Monday and Thursday
  5. Post ROW80 updates on Sunday and Wednesday

Word counts:

  • 2/6 – 717
  • 2/7 – 2158
  • 2/8 – 717

Six Days To Sabbath is now up to 3,079 words. Finding Valhalla is up to 62,913 words and is almost done. I got inspired and did some serious writing on Monday. I really want to try to finish it this week. I have started editing Dragons At Dawn, and my blog posts are all on schedule. Making progress on every goal. Yay me!



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5 responses to “ROW80 Status – Day 37 (Feb 8)

  1. I think I need to revise my goals to include a “to do” list that allows for the thought processes to be included. That way, when I’m not on the computer and thinking about the story, it will count.

    Can I count dreams, too? LOL

    Seriously, though, I had a dream that led me to a new pathway in the murder mystery subplot.

    Here’s my ROW 80 POST

  2. Claire Farrell

    Great job on all of your goals – awesome Monday word count!

  3. I like this format! It’s easy to see if you are achieving your goals. I’m not, so I’ve got to come up with something to get myself back on track. Your check-in style is great. Congratulations on exceeding your word count too!

  4. That’s quite a bit to juggle. Congrats on doing so well.

  5. You are Rockin away there. Sounds like good progress.

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