Finding a Critique Partner

So what do you do when you have finished your story? The obvious thing is to get someone to read it, right?

I just finished my second story, Finding Valhalla. I wrote it as what I thought would be a paranormal romance. The story is about a Valkyrie. She is the equivalent of a supernatural cop, and it is her duty to keep the paranormal world from becoming a problem for the mortals. A killer is stalking the city of Madison, and she needs to find it and deal with it before the body count gets too high. There is also the theft of a very valuable necklace that complicates things even more. The problem is that she doesn’t have any clues and she keeps getting distracted by a mortal man. She finds herself attracted to him and wants to open up about what she really does for a living, but fears that it will be too much and he will get hurt, or even killed. How can she deal with all of this when all she really wants is to have a normal love life?

When I finished my first story, Dragons At Dawn, I passed it around to a bunch of my friends and family. Most of them read it and said they thought the story was pretty good. The writing needed work, but the idea is pretty solid. I’m working on editing that story now.

I am planning on giving my family first crack at my new story as well, but I thought I would also see if anyone with a little more experience might be willing to take on a new writer as a critique partner. I don’t have much experience in writing, and I have no misconceptions about the quality of my work. I know that my stories are going to need a lot of editing before they will be worth publishing. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So, if you are willing to read through an amateur’s attempt at a paranormal romance and provide some much-needed constructive criticism, I would really appreciate it. Just leave a comment below and I will e-mail you a link to a Dropbox shared folder where you can find the PDF file of the first draft.

The rest of you will just have to wait for the finished version. 😉


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