ROW80 Status – Day 41 (Feb 12)


  1. 500 words of new fiction every day
  2. Finish first draft of Finding Valhalla
  3. Start editing Dragons At Dawn
  4. Post to my blog on Monday and Thursday
  5. Post ROW80 updates on Sunday and Wednesday

Word counts:

  • 2/9 – 724
  • 2/10 – 600
  • 2/11 – 530
  • 2/12 – 867

Six Days To Sabbath is at 5,076 words. Finding Valhalla is up to 63,669 words and is finished. It wasn’t easy wrapping it up, and I will probably redo the ending later, but for now, I think i’ve done as much as I can with it. I’m going to focus on writing Six Days from now on, and continue planning the edits of Dragons At Dawn.

I’m also looking for anyone willing to critique Finding Valhalla. It’s a first draft, and I’m not exactly an accomplished writer, so don’t expect much. But if you are willing to help a newb and give me some constructive criticism I would really appreciate it. Just leave a comment if you are interested and I will send you a link to the PDF. You might also want to check out my post on Finding a Critique Partner. Thanks bunches, and I hope you are all doing well in your goals. We’re all in this together!

PS: Happy Birthday wishes go out to my friends Nick and Joe Alfano, and to my son Ronald. Happy Happy!



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2 responses to “ROW80 Status – Day 41 (Feb 12)

  1. Congrats on finishing your first draft – that is always a major accomplishment! Best of luck finding a beta reader for it – I always struggle with that. I’d offer, but it’s not my genre I’m afraid.

  2. Congrats on finishing the first draft…I think I’m closing in on my finish, too, since my goal is to make this one shorter than my shortest published book, which is at 385 pages and 124,000+ words.

    Here’s my Row 80 update:


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