ROW80 Status – Day 55 (Feb 26)


  1. 500 words of new fiction every day
  2. Finish first draft of Finding Valhalla (DONE!)
  3. Start editing Dragons At Dawn
  4. Post to my blog on Monday and Thursday
  5. Post ROW80 updates on Sunday and Wednesday

Word counts:

  • 2/23 – 630
  • 2/24 – 648
  • 2/25 – 511
  • 2/26– 550

Six Days To Sabbath is at 14,498 words. Finding Valhalla is finished. Editing progresses slowly on Dragons At Dawn. Blog posts are all on schedule.

I’m taking a week’s vacation from work this week. I’m hoping to make some serious progress disecting Dragons At Dawn so I can get started on the rewrite soon. I just ordered some more books on writing so that will also be part of my reading schedule for the next few weeks. I also need to catch up on some book reviews and do some spring cleaning in my apartment. You know, after putting all this stuff down it doesn’t seem like much of a vacation, does it?

I wish you all the best on your ROW80 goals!



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4 responses to “ROW80 Status – Day 55 (Feb 26)

  1. Wow, you’re doing great! Congrats…and I hope the upcoming week is productive for you.

    I’m kind of procrastinating…but I think this will end soon.

    Here’s my ROW 80

  2. You can call it a ‘working vacation’. 😉 I’m sure you’ll make great progress this week!

  3. Linda Nelson

    The question really is, are you enjoying your vacation? I hope you are. You did a lot this week.

  4. ‘Busmans Holiday’ springs to mind! (or that not an expression where you are from?)
    have a good week and keep on smiling

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