Supporting Indie Authors

The Indie Book Collective has come up with a great way to support independent authors. They have a program called Bestseller for a Day. The idea is to promote a great e-book by an independent author for purchase from Amazon at only 99 cents. If enough people buy the book on the day of the promotion they author will rocket up the bestseller charts, making it even more likely that people will buy the book after the promotion is over.

This is my second time to participate. The first was Play Fling, by Amber Scott, which was a great little romance. Today I purchased the book 30 Pieces of Silver, by Carolyn McCray. I actually had already read a preview copy, but I enjoyed it so much that there was no way that I could skip the opportunity to support Carolyn and her great book. The book is a wonderful thriller in the style of The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. Carolyn has written a wonderfully exciting book packed with mystery and history, science and adventure. If you liked The DaVinci Code you will love this book.

Bestseller for a Day

Please join me in purchasing this wonderful book and supporting great independent writing talent.


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