One of the reasons why it took me so long to write my first book was that I thought I didn’t have time to write. A common excuse. The problem with that excuse is that not having time to write means that you are making other things more important that writing. If you make writing a priority, then you will find the time.

I used to watch television a lot. I also read books, played Dungeons & Dragons, and played computer games. All of those things took up my time. Time that could have been spent writing instead. Of course, reading is something that can help your writing, but not if you spend all your time reading and no time writing. The other things are fun, but probably not so useful to a struggling author.

When I decided to start writing, I had to make a commitment to do my writing instead of those other activities. I rarely watch television anymore (I treat myself to Chuck and Castle on Mondays). I stopped playing computer games, and I only play Dungeons & Dragons for two hours once a week.

Of course, now I also have things like this blog and Twitter that take up a chunk of my time. They say that authors need to use these types of social media networks to “build a platform”. That means that the more people I connect with on these sites, the better chance I have of getting decent sales numbers when I actually publish.

This is all well and good, but recently I have started wondering whether or not I need to cut back on these things until I am closer to actually publishing. I’m finding that I am spending too much time tweeting, and too little time writing and editing. So I have decided to review my priorities.

I will continue to post occasional tweets, but don’t expect me to carry on long conversations online. I have a lot of work to do on my two completed novels, and I am struggling a bit with my third. I’ll also continue to post my blogs on the same Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule through the end of March, but then I intend to cut back to only twice a week.

How have you had to change your priorities to make time for your writing? Please share by leaving a comment below.


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