It’s all falling apart

I have been plugging away at my work in progress, but something about it doesn’t feel right. I am at the end of the story and it seems uninspired. The plot is wrapping up, but it is going slowly. It feels like I am taking too much time to close things out, but I also feel like I am condensing the action to a bare minimum.

I don’t like it. I’m tempted to stop writing and take a break for a few days to see if I can figure out what I’m doing. My other option is to just try to blow everything out in a blast of explosive writer’s diarhea and get the mop out later to clean it all up in editing.

I’ve heard advice favoring both options. I don’t know which one is better, but it usually depends on the writer. In my case, I think I’ll choose the latter option. It is probably best for me to just wrap it up now and edit out the crap later.

Of course the other problem is that I don’t know what to write next. I have tons of ideas, but I have yet to pick one. And I also feel like I should take a break from writing and just concentrate on editing the stories that I have already finished.

Decisions, decisions. Eeny Meeny Minie Moe. Catch a hamster by the toe. If he hollers, get the axe. It’s the zombie apocalypse!

Or maybe I’ll just answer the door. There are some nice young men in clean white coats outside. They say they just want to take me for a little ride in their white van. They even brought me a new jacket, with extra long sleeves and nice shiny buckles!

How about you? What would you do?



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3 responses to “It’s all falling apart

  1. I think endings are difficult…I have one WIP that I worked on in the early part of 2010, and couldn’t “conclude” it….so I put it aside, and then started and “finished” the first draft of another one.

    I am going to take another look at it during the second round…maybe I will see what I need to do….

    Good luck!

  2. You are far from the only writer to get overwhelmed by the end. I like some very good writers who struggle with endings. My immediate thought (er, I should mention, I’m way better with poems than stories) is that you have to maintain the points your story has been building up to, and be in harmony with it. That said, it might make sense to keep writing like mad, and discard everything that Doesn’t fit. But that could get, really, really, tiring.

    In either case, you could go back to the pre-sleep suggestion solution. Before you go to bed, calm yourself down (herbal tea, long bath, meditation, whatever it takes) and after turning out the likes, repeatedly ask your mind, politely, mind you, to give you a solution. You have to state the problem plainly, and ask for your brain to work it out. The next day, you’ll get something. Maybe not even something you thought you were looking for, but… something.

    I wish you luck – but if you got this far, I doubt it has anything to do with luck, mostly I think it’s your hard work. ( Love Love Love the hamster poem, btw 🙂

  3. woops, that was LIGHTS, you turn out. Not the “likes” 🙂 sorry!

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