ROW80 Update May 8


  1. Spend at least half an hour every day on writing or editing, an hour on weekends
  2. Finish rewrite of Dragons at Dawn
  3. Post to my blog on the ROW80 update days (Sunday and Wednesday)
  4. Read at least one of my books on writing every week

I finished my edits on my short story about my lead in Finding Valhalla, but I am waiting for a final review from one of my critique partners. I haven’t decided yet how I will present it. I would like to just post it online and let everyone read it, but it would also be cool if I put it out there to see if I could get it published. There’s also the option of throwing it up on Amazon or Smashwords for 99¢ to see if anyone would buy it. I’ll be sure to keep you all informed once I decide.

I didn’t do any writing or editing Saturday. This is the first time I have missed my goals, and I feel a bit disappointed with myself for doing so. I know, life happens and all that, but I’m still going to try not to let it happen again. The reason I didn’t do any writing was because I was busy shopping. My wife and I met with my son and mother-in-law (long story that I’m not going to get into here) and spent a very busy morning together. We started with the Free Comic Book Day, then went to Barnes & Noble for some books. I picked up three books on Norse mythology for my personal library that I will be able to use for research on my Valkyrie stories. After that we went to P.F. Changs for lunch, followed by at trip to Costco. We stocked up on groceries, and I got a 1TB portable hard drive and a new digital camera. My new camera is able to take HD movies, so maybe now I can finally post a video blog! Of course, first I have to figure out 1) how to do it, and 2) what to blog about! Let me know if you have any ideas.

I am still reading Writing the Short Story, by Jack M Bickham. I haven’t made any progress since my last update, and am still on Chapter 12 (of 18). Also on my reading list: I just finished River Marked by Patricia Briggs. Loved it! Her Mercy Thompson series is one of my favorite series, and this one is no exception. In this story she takes some time away from the werewolves, vampires, and fae to explore Mercy’s Indian heritage.

That’s it for today. I have a lot of work to do tonight before I end up missing another day on my goals. See you Wednesday!


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One response to “ROW80 Update May 8

  1. Hey, you can’t beat Free Comic Book Day!! That in itself makes it worth taking a day for a breather.

    We all need a break once in a while. Don’t sweat it. I like to call those days “personal days,” and usually find myself refreshed afterward, as long as I don’t give myself a guilt trip over it. Sounds like you had a productive time, at any rate!


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