ROW80 Update May 15


  1. Spend at least half an hour every day on writing or editing, an hour on weekends
  2. Finish planning the rewrites of my three works in progress (this goal has changed)
  3. Post to my blog on the ROW80 update days (Sunday and Wednesday)
  4. Read at least one of my books on writing every week

First, let me explain about the goal change. I have been doing a lot of editing, but I haven’t been able to concentrate on the one story. Instead, I have been splitting my time between all three. Every day I decide which one of my books I want to focus on (usually my YA book on Sunday), and I work on that book on that day. With WisCon coming up I confess I have been spending a lot of time on Finding Valhalla instead of Dragons at Dawn. I think Finding Valhalla is turning out to be my favorite project. It certainly is getting the lion’s share of my attention. So since I have been splitting my time in this way I decided I should change my goal to reflect that. Instead of pledging to finish my rewrites on a book that has now become a trilogy, I am making it my goal to at least finish planning the rewrites of all three stories.

I am still plotting my revisions, but I think I am getting a lot done and should be ready to start writing again soon. I have just about finished working out the overall beats of all three of my stories (the trilogy that started out as Dragons at Dawn). I think the next step is to plan out the scenes of each story. That will give me a chance to review how each scene can be used to show the character growth and change during the course of the story. It will also help me make sure there is enough conflict in each scene to keep the reader interested. Hopefully, at the end I will have some stories that I can be proud of.

I finally finished reading Writing the Short Story, by Jack M Bickham. I wasn’t really impressed with it as a resource for writing short stories, although it did seem like it had good advice for writing in general. I have now started reading through Writer’s Guide to Character Traits by Linda N Edelstein, Ph.D. It looks like a useful tool that can help me with my character development.

See you back here on Wednesday for another update on my editing progress.



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2 responses to “ROW80 Update May 15

  1. the nice thing about setting these goals is that we can also change them – creating is never a static thing – organically flows – and creation only really works if creator is happy – so go for it.
    All the best for this week – keep smiling

  2. Flexible goals are the best thing about this challenge! Have a great week.

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