ROW80 Update June 8 – Editing, editing, and more editing


  1. Spend at least half an hour every day on writing or editing, an hour on weekends
  2. Finish planning the rewrites of my three works in progress
  3. Post to my blog on the ROW80 update days (Sunday and Wednesday)
  4. Read at least one of my books on writing every week

Editing day. I presented my completed short to my critique group and got some good feedback. There is a lot of editing to do, but I think I should be able to make it a lot stronger (and maybe a bit shorter) when I am done. My first draft came in at over 3800 words, and the submission guidelines are for up to 3000 words. They will take longer, but the maximum payment is for 3000.

I also got Cassie Alexander’s file on her critique comments from the WisCon writer’s workshop, so I am also starting to plan how to work in her suggestions for Finding Valhalla. I’ll probably work out the edits for my short story first, just because that has a deadline.

Hopefully I’ll have a second draft of my short done by Sunday. Then all I’ll have to do is figure out the right title!


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