July 4 – Research

Now that I have submitted my first story, I find myself obsessing about getting an answer, even though I expect it will be rejected. I keep wondering how long it will take for them to send me the rejection notice. Knowing that it is a holiday weekend makes it even tougher, because I know they probably haven’t even looked at it yet.

So to try to take my mind off the story, I have tried to think about my books. I have started getting organized to do some research for my Valkyrie novel. There is a lot of world-building that I need to get done before I can really focus on how the plot needs to be changed to make it a better book.

I have a bunch of books on Norse mythology that I will be reading through in the next few weeks. I have made some notes about questions that I need to have answered before I start writing again. Things like how the Valkyries are organized, what role the gods have, what kinds of powers Valkyries have, what other paranormal creatures are around, and so on.

I have some of the answers already, but they may change as I do my research. I have already decided that I want the paranormal world to be secret from the normal people, with part of the Valkyries job being to keep that secret. Of course, it will probably be pretty tough to do when someone is trying to start Ragnarök.

I’m hoping that once I get all the details worked out I will be able to write a much better story. Check back with me on Thursday for an update!



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2 responses to “July 4 – Research

  1. Hello Scott,

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on your story “Losing Control” being accepted for publication in “The Big Book of Bizarro” by Burning Bulb Publishing. The book promises to be an exciting read filled with wild and crazy tales. Your story fits perfectly and we are glad to have you on board.

    Gary Lee Vincent
    Co-Editor / The Big Book of Bizarro

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