July 25 – Life Is Interesting

I didn’t get a lot of writing done this weekend. Saturday my wife and I spent the day with family. First we went to spend some time with my family as we celebrated my brother’s wedding anniversary. My dad made steaks and we had a nice lunch without too much excitement.

Then we got in our little car and drove to Chicago, where my wife’s cousin was getting married. It was an outdoor wedding, and the only things that kept us all from melting in the heat were the fans/programs that everyone kept in constant motion. The bride was beautiful, the vows were sweet, and love was in the air.

And of course it was followed by an open bar.

And a ton of Greek food.

And dancing. I’ll never forget the dancing.

To make a long story short, I don’t drink, but it was certainly an experience watching other people partake. We left just before 10:00 PM, after the cake was served, and we made it home just before midnight. Long drive, little car, I was exhausted.

I thought about writing on Sunday, but I just couldn’t get up the energy to do it. Instead I spent most of the day parked in front of the television, soaking in other people’s stories and letting my mind consider possibilities for my own.

But today I wrote. I wrote a few paragraphs at work while I was on my break, and tonight I challenged myself to write 1000 words. I met that goal just before starting this post. My post-apocalyptic horror short story, “The Hunt”, is up to over 3800 words now, and I am getting into the meat of the matter. For now I’m just going to write it. After the story is done I’ll see what I can do to trim the fat and look at what kind of word count it will fit into.

And then I’ll see if I can find a market for it.

I like the story so far, and I am pleased with how it is coming out. The main character is speaking to me and the descriptions are fairly vivid and set the tone well. Hopefully I’ll feel the same way after the story is finished. I shared the first half of what I have now with the only person in my critique group that showed up last week, and she liked it too. I’ll let you know on Thursday what the rest of the group has to say when I share it with them tomorrow.


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