September 5 – Labor Day

Sorry for the late post today. Even though I started this morning bright and early with the start of a new short story, I only got a few paragraphs into it before stopping. I didn’t get back to it until just a couple of hours ago, and only managed another couple of paragraphs before putting it away again.

I was just feeling lazy today. I’m celebrating Labor Day here in Wisconsin, like most of the people in America. It’s a holiday that celebrates the common worker, and it is thanks to the unions that it is a nationwide holiday. Yes, the same unions that are now being dismantled and criminalized by Republican politicians across the country. Even though I am not a dues-paying member of a union, I am represented by one, and take full advantage of the protections they provide me in the workplace. That’s why the attitude I see by politicians and short-sighted voters makes me sick.

Okay, that’s enough of that soapbox. The other reason for the late posting is that I was hoping to have an answer on my last submission by now. Unfortunately there’s no word yet. I’m still hoping I make the cut and will have my second story published soon, but there is still almost a month before the deadline (September 30) so I’m sure there are many more stories that they will have to review before making their final choices. I know that my friend Zombie Joe is working on a submission as well, and I want to wish him luck. Hopefully I’ll get to hear his first draft tomorrow night at our critique group.

I’m not sure where the story I started this morning is going. I had a dream this morning that got me started, and I think I know where I want it to end, but there is an enormous gaping hole in the middle that I need to fill. So somebody pass me the shovel. I’ve got to get back to work.

See you again on Thursday!


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