November 18 – Better Late than Never

I got my new Kindle Fire on Wednesday. 🙂 But of course I lost a lot of time on my writing because I had to play with it 😦

Goal 1: I will work on my writing every day.

Last night I had a setback. I sat down to write and my brain had a meltdown. I realized that I had introduced all these different characters in my story and I couldn’t remember all their names. Most of them are secondary or even tertiary characters, but my OCD couldn’t take it and so instead of writing I sat down and went through the whole 28,000 words already written and started taking notes. Not only for the characters, but for the places and important things that I had brought in.

Speaking of things, I have to report on what I did at our Tuesday night meeting. I was writing about my Valkyrie meeting a dragon. The dragon masquerades as a little old lady who is the lighthouse keeper for Rock Island. Nicole had gone there for information about the villain of the piece, and in order to tell Nicole what she knew, the dragon uttered the fatal words “Let me tell you a story.”

I wrote that and instantly realized I was in trouble. My groan of anguish echoed through the little restaurant where we met. How the hell was I supposed to do this? The dragon was going to tell a story about the magic item that was the instigating event of the whole book, and at that point I still had no idea what, exactly, that item was.

You can see why I was upset.

But I forged ahead, and with a little research on Wikipedia I had created a new myth about a magic locket created by a master dwarven craftsman in order to honor the Norse god Baldr. I now not only had my story, but I had answered the question about the nature of this item. That had been bugging me for weeks, and believe me, it feels good to finally know the answer.

It wasn’t easy to come up with this on the spur of the moment, but I have to tell you, I feel good about it.

Goal 2: I will participate in NaNoWriMo in November.

Due to my breakdown last night, I only wrote 191 words, bringing my grand total to 28,700. This means that I am still ahead of schedule, but most of my cushion is gone. Hopefully I will be able to rebuild that buffer this weekend.

Goal 3: Diet and exercise to lose at least 10 pounds by the end of this round.

My Halloween candy is gone, so maybe now I can work on losing that weight. I made my wife promise me we won’t go out to eat until Tuesday. I suppose I will have to make an exception for any write-ins I attend, but I will try to restrain myself from the pastries and only get healthy foods and drinks.

Sorry for the late update. I should be able to remember to post on schedule next Monday. Thanks for stopping by!


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