December 8 – Reading vs. Writing

I’m falling behind in my writing. Bad author! No cookie for you!

Goal 1: I will work on my writing every day.

I missed another day yesterday. I feel bad about it. My excuse for not writing now is that I am trying to catch up on my reading. I’m on Goodreads, and I signed up for their reading challenge by committing to read one hundred books in 2011. I was ahead of schedule for most of the year, but then when NaNoWriMo hit I stopped reading for the whole month of November. Now I’m two books behind and need to read another nine books by the end of the month.

There is good news. I have two weeks of vacation coming up at the end of the year, and plenty of books to read. By the end of December I should have made a significant dent in my to be read pile.

Of course the bad news is that every hour I spend reading is an hour that I’m not writing. Maybe what I should do is reward myself with an hour of reading for every hour of writing, at least until the story is finished. Or maybe two hours of reading for every hour of writing. Or at least no reading until I have done at least some writing.

How do you handle conflicts like this? They say that it is just as important for an author to read as it is to write. How much reading do you do compared to your writing time?

Goal 2: I will participate in NaNoWriMo in November.

November is over. The story isn’t. I am up to 51,687 words now. I’m not sure how much longer it will be when it’s done, but I don’t think it will be more than 70,000 words. Maybe even less than 60,000.

Goal 3: Diet and exercise to lose at least 10 pounds by the end of this round.

As far as my health goes, my doctor added another pill to my daily regimen to try to control my blood pressure. He put me on triamterene-hydrochlorothiazide a couple of weeks ago, and now he has added lisinopril. I have another review at the beginning of January and we’ll see if they need to add anything else.

The diet is tough with all the holiday potlucks and special events I have to attend. I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about it, though. I have to watch my blood pressure, you know. 😉

How is your writing going during this holiday season? Are you struggling to find time to write among all the other distractions? What tips do you have for getting your butt in the chair and your hands on the keyboard?



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2 responses to “December 8 – Reading vs. Writing

  1. The best thing I’ve found for a conflict between goals is to pick one — very often the one with less urgency — and pick a specific amount of time to spend on it. So say 30-60 minutes of writing per day. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be every day. That way you make progress, but you can sign off on it for the day relatively easily, leaving your mind clear for something else.

  2. Unfortunately, I only signed up for 30 and once NaNo started, I too, stopped reading so much. Now I have to pick up where I left off and maybe reread some books that are in the midway point.

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