Off to a Slow Start

Not much to report since Sunday. I started off with a short prologue (733 words) that I completed on Sunday, and then started Chapter 1 on Monday. I only managed about 600 words total over the last three days. Not a great beginning to this project, but since I am giving myself three months to complete it I’m still pretty confident.

I’m not sure why I am having so much trouble getting started. I know exactly where I want to go with this, but I’m not feeling it yet. Maybe it’s the third person viewpoint that is throwing me off. I kind of wish I could go back to first person, but with four main characters that really wouldn’t be a good idea.

Maybe the problem is that I’m trying to introduce two different characters here (the two boys) and since I started from the viewpoint of one of them I’m not sure how to introduce the other one. I’m also introducing the setting (a summer camp) and since I haven’t been there the description is really rough.

Or maybe the problem is that these kids are supposed to be delinquent or disturbed in some way, and while I was plenty disturbed growing up, I never was a delinquent. Somehow I need to get into the mindset of a bully who lets his unbridled anger speak for him. And yet make him into a hero by the end of the book. This is going to be tough.

I still have time yet today to get some more writing done. I’m hoping to at least hit 1000 words for Chapter 1 by the end of the day. Wish me luck, and I’ll check in again on Sunday to let you know how it went.



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2 responses to “Off to a Slow Start

  1. Don’t get yourself too down over the slow start, I think a lot of us spend the first week or so of the round finding our feet and figuring out what works for us. Good luck with it, I hope you find a way into your characters’ heads!

  2. Your work in progress sounds most intriguing. I have to know a character’s back story ( little of which ever appears in the novel it seems). In writing out their back stories, I understand how they fit within the novel. Sometimes, back story also helps me determine point of view, if I’m having difficulty with it. The best to you in this round.


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