Now What Do I Do?

I found another problem with my story. I’m not sure if it’s a big problem, or something I just need to work around. For now, I’m just continuing to write until I get to the point where it will be an issue.

Here’s the thing. My original outline called for my main characters to be on a hike while at summer camp. They were going to be caught in the rain and take shelter in what they thought was a deserted cabin. They were going to eat some contaminated food while they were waiting there which would give them super powers. Then they would find out that the cabin is actually being used by a serial killer who comes back and kills one of them. The rest of them would escape and make their way back to the camp.

The problem is that the camp I chose for the setting is actually too small for anyone to get a good hike, so I had to put them in a van and take them two hours away by car. So when they escape from the killer, it’s going to be tough for them to just run back to camp. So what do I do about it?

I do have a few options:

  • I could have them go to the cops to report the killing. This is something I wanted to do anyway, but since some of them are juvenile delinquents that would probably get them sent back to jail or home instead of returning to camp.
  • I could have them hitchhike. But some of them probably wouldn’t want to go back to camp, and would make it harder for them to report the killing.
  • I could have them get back to camp using flight, teleportation or some other power. These aren’t powers I planned for, but they wouldn’t be too hard to add.
  • Since the killer is one of the camp counselors that brought them to the trail, they could go back to camp with him. But then I would have to conceal the fact that he is the killer, or they would never get in the car with him. Unless… I have been trying to decide what powers the killer would have, and if I gave him the power to erase people’s memories that would let me show him killing the others while still letting the kids trust him later on.

I’m sure there are other options I haven’t thought of. Let me know if you have any ideas. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep writing while I mull over what happens next.

So far I have over 11,000 words done. Things are coming along pretty well. I’m starting to wonder if I overestimated how long this is going to be when I’m done. I’m shooting for 60,000 words, but essentially I’ll just write until I get to the end and then I’ll stop.

Come back on Wednesday for another update. The last section I wrote was the meal where the kids ate the irradiated food. My next scene is making them all sick as they start to mutate and gain their abilities. I’m still also trying to decide if it would be better to bring in the killer before I reveal their powers. The kids would obviously be more frightened if they still thought they were normal.


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  1. I don’t really know what sort of setting they end up in, but if they are fairly isolated, the killer could cut the wires on the van or something so they wouldn’t be able to drive back… that way they would have to wander for a while, and could perhaps eventually reach refuge/a road/police/something? Hope this is helpful, I hate coming across issues like this when I’m writing!

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