Finding the Holes

First off, sorry for the late post today. I have been concentrating so much on writing that I completely forgot about getting this post up until just now. So just a few thoughts for you.

The writing is going pretty well. I just finished revealing some of the powers of the kids, but I’m still holding some out for later. When I planned the story, I decided to give each of the kids three powers. I’ve done the same for the killer, because what’s good for them will make it much more interesting if the villain. I showed the kids the bodies, so they know something bad happened at the cabin, but they don’t know yet who did it. I’m still thinking I’ll show the killer next, have him kill the counselor, and then I can reveal one of his powers by wiping the kids’ memory. Another option, however, is to keep the killer hidden, but have him use an invisibility power to hide his crimes. The problem is, how do I let the reader know that it was a power that made them doubt the existence of the bodies?

So that’s one of my dilemmas. I’ll have to make a decision on that tomorrow, as I am right at the crucial point at which I can either kill the counselor and make the kids forget about it, or let the kids make fools of themselves by telling the counselor they found bodies which are no longer there. Decisions, decisions….

Another one of my problems is that I have decided that I need to do some more character development in earlier scenes. I have introduced the characters, and hinted at some of their character traits, but then they just go about their life and those traits aren’t discussed again. I think I need to go back and add some more scenes where those traits will be reinforced several times, to make it plain to the reader that this is an issue for the character and it will be even more important by the end of the book. Otherwise those traits are meaningless and may as well be gone.

For example, I decided to show Cailin’s super speed by having her snatch a ball out of Carter’s hand. Since I have never mentioned that ball before, I will now have to go back and add it into some earlier scenes. Also, Carter is supposed to be struggling with controlling his temper, and yet the only time we see him get physical with someone is right at the very beginning of the story. It doesn’t come up again. I will need to go back and add some more interactions with other people who will give Carter a chance to show his temper as well as give Andy the opportunity to help Carter control it. Andy also needs to show his intelligence as well as his dark side. Cailin needs to demonstrate her problems with being a kleptomaniac. And finally, Lisa needs to show her reputation as a slut. All of these things need to be pushed at the reader repeatedly, or they won’t have the impact when the characters overcome those problems at the end.

But those are things I’ll probably add later. For now I’m just plugging away and putting notes on the side for things to work on later. I’ve got 14,600 words right now and I’m still hoping to hit 20,000 (1/3 done) by the end of the month. That will probably mean writing a lot in the next few days to catch up.

But not tonight. Right now I need to get to bed. I’ll see you back here on Sunday!


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  1. Great word count and here’s to making the 20,000. It is interesting to read the various directions a writer is considering for his characters; to me, those considerations are one of the most interesting aspects of being a writer and what keeps me writing. Best to you in this round.


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