Sometimes life just sucks, you know?

My prep work for my NaNoWriMo story has been put on hold while I deal with an infestation. In case you haven’t heard, there is a growing problem in the United States. And I’m not talking about politicians.

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Many of us have heard this little rhyme when we were going up, and some of us have probably repeated it to our own children. But most of us have never had to deal with these little crawling bloodsuckers. However, recently the incidents of bedbugs attacking people just trying to get a good night’s sleep has skyrocketed, even in America. And unfortunately, my home is one of the many being invaded.

At first, my wife and I thought that the little red marks on our arms and legs were a rash. Possibly an allergic reaction to our new pet rabbit. But then I started waking up to the little monsters crawling on me, and I spotted some of them when I lifted my mattress. A little bit of online research later and I had the problem diagnosed.

We immediately went out and bought a mattress cover and some spray, and the problem abated somewhat. But then they migrated into our living room, infesting our couch and loveseat. We had to buy a slipcover for the couch, and we threw a sheet over the loveseat, but they still crawl over, around, and through these flimsy protections to get their fill from us as we watch television.

The thing that has sidetracked my writing most recently is that we reported the infestation to our landlord, and he is bringing in pest control to spray our apartment, as well as two others. I’m guessing one of our new neighbors probably brought them into the building, and now they have spread. But in order for the exterminator to do his job, we have to do some major cleaning, including packing up all of our clothes so he can spray inside our dresser drawers and closets. While this does give me a chance to go through my wardrobe and organize all my clothes by size, it is still a major pain in the ass.

One of the biggest problems with living in the same place for ten years is that you tend to accumulate stuff. My apartment is filled with crap that I brought in from our last home, as well as more things that we have purchased over the years. What we really need to do is go through the whole place and start throwing things away, but I grew up with a pack rat for a father and his habits of never throwing anything out that might be even remotely useful has stuck with me. Unfortunately, it also creates a major problem when I need to clean out a room so that an exterminator can get to the baseboards.

I need to get back to cleaning now, so I’ll just wrap up this post with an update on my plotting work. I have stopped working on my summary and broken it down into thirty-three individual scenes. If I get a chance before November 1 I would like to evaluate each of those scenes and figure out how they work in the overall story, determine if they are action or character development, and decide whether or not there are any scenes that need to be inserted along the way.

If things don’t go well, I’ll just use what I have to start writing, and worry about those things later. After all, I have permission to suck.

And so do you! See you again on Halloween for one last post before NaNoWriMo!


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