NaNo Update

Just a quick update, because I have lots of work to do, and the day isn’t getting any longer.

I hit 23,000 words on my NaNoWriMo project today. Writing a scene every day is working out pretty well for me. It lets me stay focused on one thing at a time, and with my outline summary I already know roughly what I am going to be writing every day.

Today’s scene, however, took a significant curve sideways. It was supposed to be about a simple day at the office for our hero, followed by a little shopping and a chance meeting with our favorite Valkyrie. But George wasn’t happy with that plan and decided he was going to quit his job and join the rebel forces.

This is a significant change, as he wasn’t supposed to hook up with the rebels until a lot farther along in the story. There are several scenes now that are going to have to be skipped or seriously altered in order to fit this in. But I think it works, and I’m going to keep going with it. At least I’m still ahead of schedule.

On a personal note, despite the efforts of the pest control, we are still seeing bedbugs in my apartment. Mostly on our couch, and if I could afford to do it I would get rid of the old thing and just get a new one. But my life isn’t like that, and I’m going to be stretching my pennies in order to get through until my next paycheck on Thursday. And to top it all off, we’re still unpacking. There seem to be more boxes now than when we started. That shouldn’t be possible, but the fact of the matter is that we now have boxes stacked in places where there weren’t boxes before, and most of the places where they were in the past are still full.

Organization and applied stacking science. That’s the trick. One of these days I’ll get everything where it needs to be: in the trash.

I hope your November is going smoothly, and I’ll check in again on Wednesday. Go write.


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  1. packing boxes breed like the proverbial rabbits – keep you eye on them – never leave two unattended 🙂 bad news about the bugs but good news about the nano – like the way it is going – George is obviously a masterful fellow:)

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