Where Am I?

Even though I’m still writing above the daily word count every day, and my total right now is 43,268 words, I’m starting to run out of steam. I think my main problem is that my story has drifted away from my outline, and I no longer have a clear idea of where I am going.

For example, take today’s exercise. Yesterday my hero was shown around the rebel camp. Today, I decided they would be discussing the things the resistance group was doing, and how George could be involved. But that meant that I had to figure out how these plucky fighters were dealing with the big, bad, government (run by demons).

And I drew a blank.

Seriously, if you were told you needed to physically fight back against corporate America, what would you do? It’s almost impossible to have any effect on them, other than bombing their factories, because despite what Citizens United said, corporations AREN’T people. They have no real presence to attack. Just physical locations, where all you are doing is disrupting their cash flow. And if you aren’t careful, you could hurt some actual people who work there.

So my hero had to step in and tell them that they were doing it wrong, and then he had to try to help them figure out how to do it right. But like I said, I drew a blank. I don’t really know how they would need to proceed, so in the end all I did was toss ideas out there to see if anything struck a chord.

The last thing I wrote was that my hero was tired and they put him to bed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write something about a dream he had that might help him figure out how to use his new magical abilities. Or maybe I’ll do something else. I need to get some more action in this thing. It’s really dragging out and I don’t think I’ll have it finished before the end of November. It will be well over 50,000 words, but it won’t be done.

And I really want it to be done. I’ve got movies to watch and books to read and a house to clean, and those things are really hard to do when I am so focused on writing this tripe.

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight. I’ll check in again on Sunday to let you know if I have found my way out of the mess I have gotten myself into. See you then!


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One response to “Where Am I?

  1. Hack them all!

    I’m sure you’ll make 50K. You could take a day to re-outline, do the new stuff, and then write again.

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