It’s Okay to Suck

Just a quick post today, because I’m not feeling well and I want to climb into bed and rest. Of course, I’ll be taking a book with me, but that’s how I like to relax.

As you might guess from the title of this post, today I’m writing a little bit about bad writing. The story I finished last night was certainly not my best work. I still think it has a good theme, but the execution wasn’t very good.

And that’s okay.

Something that all writers need to keep in mind at all times is that the words that go down on the page can ALWAYS be changed. Yes, that even includes after publication. The trick is not to get hung up on making the writing perfect the first time, but making it better every time you touch it.

So even though I am not satisfied with the story I finished, immediately after I wrote the last line I opened a new document and jotted down some notes about some possible editing changes. I know I won’t be touching this story again for a long time, and I wanted to make sure that I put my ideas down while they were still fresh.

That’s it for the day. I’ll be back on Wednesday, hopefully to report that I have started my next story for my Dirty Little Freaks collection. See you then!


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One response to “It’s Okay to Suck

  1. Even your short post shows me the writer’s way — revise, edit, draft, start again, and believe in yourself. Very nice. Now, may you feel better fast!

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