Stretching Your Boundaries

It’s always a good idea to reach beyond your comfort zone. This is especially true for writers.

This week I am trying something new. My story is set in a possible future, where global warming has caused the oceans to rise until most of the land is underwater. Most of the people still live in the same buildings (now waterproofed, of course), and never see the sky. The term “upper class” has become literal, with only the richest people able to afford real estate where you can still open a window.

This story is a stretch for me because, even though I was raised on Heinlein, Asimov, and Varley, in recent years I have identified more with the fantasy genre, in particular urban fantasy, which combines magic with the modern world. I have yet to write a story that I would classify as science fiction.

So here I go, stretching my wings and seeing where the wind may take me. I plan on having my hero get involved in a terrorist plot which ends up transforming the common people into water breathers, allowing them to break free of the chains of the old world and form a new society of Atlantis.

I’ve got a fair start on my story, but I still have a lot of work to do before it’s done. So I hope you’ll understand and forgive my short post today. I’ll be back on Sunday to let you know how it went.



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2 responses to “Stretching Your Boundaries

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  2. I think I should write some more stories in different genres. I tend to stick to the same trend. Might branch out and see where it takes me. Thanks 🙂

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