Midweek Check-in

Today’s post isn’t going to be anything special. I just thought I would share an update on my latest story, as well as a few thoughts about how it is going.

First off, I have a confession to make. Until today, I had only written eight words.

“Damn it, Chas! Just trust me for once!”

I thought it was a good start, but I was having a lot of trouble going on from there. My main problem was that I kept trying to think of the dream that I thought was a good basis for the story, and I had a lot of trouble realizing that it really wasn’t.

Today, I admitted to myself that the dream was not going to work, and I needed to come up with something else. So I started writing, working in the parts of the dream that would work, but leaving out the parts that didn’t. The end result was over 700 words that I am fairly pleased with.

The story isn’t quite finished, but I think I should be able to wrap it up without too much effort. I’ll fill you in on the end result on Sunday.

And now, bring on the zombies!



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2 responses to “Midweek Check-in

  1. Naomi Steele

    My advice would be to leave out the zombies, but it is your story, so do what you like, as you usually do. I like historical romances, so I am not much of a judge for you. I am just glad you are writing so much.

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