Another Lousy Story

Dirty Little Freaks #13 is tentatively titled “Another Door Opens”. As you can guess, it’s about finding new opportunities after dealing with a disaster. Unfortunately, the story sucks. But remember:

It’s okay to suck.

The reason that it is okay that this story sucks is because it has the makings of a pretty good story. It just needs a lot of work to bring it out. Let me lay it out for you.

The story is about a sixteen year old girl whose father was injured in a mass shooting. As a result of the trauma, he uprooted his family and moved into the country. The girl goes for a jog, mainly just to get out of the house, and spots a dog wearing roller skates. She follows this funny pooch and discovers a five-year old boy who has been left all alone. She spends some time playing games with him and getting to know him, but when she asks where his parents are he gets upset. She calms him down and he eventually falls asleep, then she gets up and checks out the house. She finds family photos, and recognizes the mom and dad as two previously unidentified victims of the shooting. At that point the boys slightly older brother (about twelve years old) comes back from the grocery store, where he has picked up some simple food to help them get by. He is afraid that the foster system will tear him away from his little brother, but she reassured him that somehow they will work it out so that won’t happen.

I want this story to be about a girl who is trying to rebuild a life, both for herself and her traumatized father. When she meets these two boys who no longer have any parents, she decides that helping them will also fix her own problems. This is a complicated thing to pull off, and my first draft failed miserably. But that’s okay, because the fumbling steps that I took to get the first draft done have helped me discover my characters, as well as their story. Now all I have to do is write it again.

But that’s for another day. This year is all about getting the stories out. Revisions won’t start until next year.

I think that for my next story I’m going to go back to Trevor, the Alchemist. I’m anxious to hear all about the next step on his journey toward becoming a superhero.

I’ll be back on Wednesday. See you then!


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