Missed it by that much!

All right, how come none of you told me that yesterday was Wednesday?

Seriously though, sorry for the late post. I got distracted by the nasty weather here in Madison, and my journey to the Apple store to get a new iPod Touch. My old one (3G, about 5 years old) was giving me problems when I tried to sync it, so I figured it was time to get a replacement.

In writing news, I decided not to continue the short story I wrote for Odyssey Con. Instead, I’ve started the fifth and final prelude story for my Alchemist character.

By started, I mean I’ve written 39 words. Not a great start, but it is words on the page. I’ll keep at it and try to finish by Saturday night. I’m not counting the OddCon story as one of my 52, even though it could easily be included.

That’s it for today. I’ve got real writing to do, so I’m not going to waste any more time on this blog post. See you back here on Sunday!



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3 responses to “Missed it by that much!

  1. sounds like your’e doing okay – starting new story is exciting, imagination all fired up and dancing – and you have a brand new toy toboot:)

  2. Congrats on starting a new story. Flash? Short? Long? Even 37 words sounds like a great direction.

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