There I Go Again

I got a good start on my new Mother’s Day story, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a long one, so I am going to have to push hard in order to finish by Saturday. Why don’t I fill you in a little on what I’ve got so far?

Sunday morning I had the Robocop theme song running through my head for some reason, so naturally I decided that my story would be about a dead soldier being brought back to life as a cyborg. I began writing, and got a few paragraphs in when I decided I needed to back up and go back to the beginning. My problem was that the writing was too distant from the story. So I started over and put the reader in the head of the soldier as he was being reactivated. I kept the paragraphs I had already written, but now they are filler between scenes.

My plan for the next part of the story is to bring the soldier back to his home town, except that he doesn’t remember it any more. The army is being deployed against our citizens because the country is getting sick of having their sons and daughters being killed for corporate greed. Yes, I’m getting out my soapbox again.

So while he is out on the streets he is going to encounter his own mother, who will recognize him even though he doesn’t recognize her. He will start to aim his weapon at her, but stop at the last second without understanding why. She will speak to him and show him that she still loves him despite what the war and the mad scientists have done to his body. That triggers a flood of memories and he breaks free of the control that the army and their computers have over him.

I’m hoping that this will come out at least moderately acceptable. I think it’s a decent idea and a few rounds of edits could put a nice polish on it. But that’s for later.

Meanwhile, I had another crazy dream the other night, which gave me the inspiration for another Mother-themed story. It was about a woman who was impregnated by a demon during a dark ritual. To make it even worse, the pregnant woman was then bitten by a vampire. I’m not sure what kind of child of darkness would be born from this madness, but it’s an interesting idea for a story.

I’m not sure why I keep having these crazy dreams and twisted ideas, but it certainly makes for interesting stories.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back on Sunday with another update. See you then.


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  1. Sounds like a fantastic story, and a very worthy soapbox.

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