That was the working title of my last Dirty Little Freaks story. It started out nice and sweet, with a little boy getting ready to spend the first day of summer vacation exploring the woods near his house. His mother even helps him get his supplies in order so he can stay out all day if he wants to.

Then, when he gets into the trees, something changes. His walk through the forest turns into following a mysterious path. A faint trail that you walk by instinct more than sight. A trail that takes him deeper into the woods than he thought possible. And when he stops to rest, he discovers a clearing. A perfect circle allowing the sun to shine some light into the darkness of the forest.

Of course, you know it has to be a fairy circle. And when the leprechauns show up one of them offers him a raspberry, which he eats, and afterward shares his bag of chips with them. And then he tries to leave. At which point the door slams shut and he is told that once you eat fairy food you can never leave. He shrinks down to their size and becomes one of them.

This whole story was an exploration. I just sat down and started writing, just to see where it went. I didn’t know what was going to happen in the woods until it did. I also had a thought Saturday morning that maybe the leprechauns should eat him. A friend of mine suggested that he eat them instead, which was an interesting twist, but instead I went for a simple entrapment. I was very tempted to have some death creep in there, but the first part of the story didn’t really support it, so I just wrapped it up as best I could and I’ll see if something better comes out of edits.

Sometimes that’s the best thing to do. Give your characters their head and see where they take you. Mine like to go where the lights are all burnt out or broken, and a serial killer is lurking behind that tree over there. Not that one, the one right next to you. Oops. Too late.

I also watched Cabin in the Woods on Saturday night. That was interesting. I followed it up with the first episode of Under the Dome, the mini-series based on the book by Stephen King. So far, so good.

As far as my Magic Spreadsheet goes, I have hit level two, and my chain is still strong. The words are piling up, now at 300 words a day. I’m going to ride this train as long as I can. I wonder if I can make it to the end of the line….

That’s it for today. See you again next week with an update on Story #27.


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