Challenge Accepted!

When I asked last week what I should write about next, one of my friends suggested I write a YA Cthulhu story. So I did.

I started in a coffee shop, with a young man meeting his goth girlfriend. She promptly dumps him, telling him she can’t stand his lack of ambition. So, of course, that drives him to seek out an antiques store in the area, where he acquires an ancient tome to help him summon the Old Ones. All in an attempt to win her back.

To be honest, the story is incomplete. It really should be longer. It could actually be the start of at least a novella. But for now it is a fairly decent set-up. Maybe later I’ll write Part 2, which would go over the actual summoning, and the disastrous consequences that would necessarily result. Maybe.

This week, I’m going to follow up on a writing prompt I had posted a few months ago and then forgotten about. Someone managed to find it recently on Twitter and reminded me about it. The question was: What if Tesla really was from Venus as some theorists believe? And if so, what was he doing here?

So that’s my challenge this week. It will be more of a sci-fi story, which I have little to no experience writing. I enjoy reading them, and watching sci-fi movies, but I haven’t written much in that genre. So even if my story sucks, at least it will be good practice.

If you’re following my track on the Magic Spreadsheet, my chain is 40 days long now. I have been writing first thing in the morning, even before I go to work, just to make sure that I get it in. Even though it is usually still dark out, that seems to work for me, so I plan on continuing the trend as long as I can.

That’s it for today. Tune in next week for a report on “Men are from Earth, Tesla is from Venus.” See you then!


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