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Are You Ready for the Apocalypse?

The word on the street is that nine days from now, on December 21st, the world is going to end. They say this because the Mayan calendar ends on that day. This seems a little bit extreme, considering that our calendar ends every year on December 31 and people don’t consider that a portent of doom.

However you feel about the Mayans, I have to admit that there are plenty of signs of bad things to come for all of us. The political upheavals of the last few years have got me thinking that our society is on the brink, and despite the re-election of Barack Obama, they don’t seem to be getting any better.

Most generations think that things have gotten worse over the course of their years, and I am no exception. I look back fondly on many of the years of my youth. But even though I am an adult now, and have a fairly decent job, I am still living in a rough neighborhood for the simple reason that I can’t afford a better place. I am still paying rent because I can’t manage to save enough for even a down payment on a house. I am driving a sixteen year old car that is literally falling apart because even though I have no outstanding debts, my credit score is still too low for me to get a decent loan.

And everywhere on the news, I see politicians helping the richest people in the country get richer, while the majority of their constituents end up homeless and unemployed, living off what is left of the government’s social programs.

This isn’t the America I grew up in. This is certainly not the America I thought my kids would inherit.

When did America stop being a democracy and start being a fascist regime? When did the people stop caring and let the corporations take over?

I’m sorry that this post has turned into something so depressing. But if nobody does anything about the problem, then I can only see one outcome. America will either have another civil war, with the 1% on one side and the 99% on the other. Those may seem like good odds, but you have to remember that they are the only ones that will be able to afford the weapons in this war. Take a look back at history to see what happens when the downtrodden workers go up against the wealthy elite. It never ends well.

So stock up on your emergency rations and make your plans for defending your home. Either rioters or zombies, one of them will be knocking down your door before you know it.

Check in again on Sunday. I’ll be starting my vacation and I’m planning on seeing the new Hobbit movie while I still can. I’ll post a review in an attempt to lighten things up around here. See you then!


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Good New and Bad News

The first thing that I did this morning was check the election results. I felt that this election was one of the most important decisions of my life, and I was anxious to find out what happened. Not enough that I had to stay awake last night for it, but enough that it was the first thing on my mind when I got up.

The good news is that the Tea Party Jihad has failed. The arrogant, lying waffler, Mitt Romney, will NOT be our next President. Thank God! Also, Wisconsin finally managed to realize the Tommy Thompson was only interested in himself and how he can profit from betraying us to his corporate friends in Washington, and he also lost his election to the Senate.

The bad news is that the waffler’s head weasel, Paul Ryan, won his bid for re-election to Congress, despite the fact that at the same time that he told voters a Congressman should be limited to six terms, this will be his seventh. So I guess the people of Janesville and the surrounding areas still have their heads up their asses, and failed to see how Ryan is simply another lying corporate stooge.

And it also appears that the Democrats have lost control of the state legislature as well, which means that Walker, Inc., will be sticking it to the Wisconsin people once again. We can probably expect more protests. We can definitely expect more lies. Personally, I’m still wondering why the John Doe investigation still hasn’t dragged him away in chains. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is an even bigger crook than Tommy Thompson. And the worst part about it is that he’s also too stupid to bother covering his tracks.

Whew. That feels better. Politics is a nasty business, isn’t it. I feel like I should go get the mouthwash to clean the filth out of my mouth for having to say those names.

In other news, my NaNoWriMo story is progressing well. I have over 12,000 words, so I’m ahead of schedule. If there’s one thing that this election season has done for me, it has been to provide a huge amount of inspiration for a dystopian novel. And despite the fact that I now have hope for the future, I also know that those Republican idiots are still out there, and will probably be back. It’s up to us to protect our democracy, and guard our right to vote, or it will be taken away from us. It doesn’t look good to the rest of the world when we send our troops out “to fight for democracy,” when we don’t have it at home.

That’s the end of my rant for the day. Time to get back to writing, so I can stay ahead of the game. I’ll check in again on Sunday. See you then.

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Politics and Policies – Part II

Another rant, and another day of wishing I could quit my job. Of course, if Walker gets his way, every public employee would either quit, retire, or as a last resort, he can lay them off. Ninety people (out of about 600) have put in their retirement papers at Revenue in the last few weeks. At least ten that I know of are leaving this week.

Things are still falling apart in Wisconsin. The Republican legislature has just proved that the battle over the “budget repair bill” was never about the money. They stripped out everything related to money so they could vote on it without having a quorum. This shows that they never had any plans to compromise. Without any warning or discussion they voted to destroy six decades of progress. The public is in a frenzy and has swarmed the capitol in protest. I wouldn’t be surprised if the end result is a riot.

And if you look at the “budget” that Walker has proposed, it not only cuts funding for education and Medicaid, but it also cuts the budgets of local governments and prohibits them from raising taxes to cover the shortfall. There are also provisions in the “budget” that allow for Walker to sell state-owned utility companies without any bid process or even approval. In other words, his buddy Koch can call him up and offer to buy all state utility companies for pennies on the dollar and NOBODY has to know. Now do you understand why he took the call from the person claiming to be Koch?

I am getting sick of all of this. I am a public employee and this hits me right in the gut. I feel disgusted that these “people” were elected to office. You would think that some of them might have some simple human decency. Or at least the sense to realize that if people have been taking the time to come and protest for the last three weeks that maybe this isn’t something that they should be voting for.

But they aren’t the only ones to blame. After all, every one of them was elected to office. That meant that a majority of people (albeit a very slim majority) thought that they were the right ones for the job. I don’t know about you, but I seldom feel like helping someone who has just kicked me in the balls.

Enjoy this while it lasts, Republicans. I can guarantee that there will be recall petitions circulating very soon, even if legally we can’t recall them until a year has passed. But then, at the rate that Walker and his buddies are going, very soon they could be impeached instead. Unless they vote first to change the Wisconsin constitution and all the laws that they are ignoring so far.

If this continues, I predict Wisconsin will drop from its current rank of second best state to live to somewhere in the forties. Education will be nonexistent, health care will be only available for the rich, jobs will all be at minimum wage, and there will be no unemployment benefits for anyone who loses their job. The “Walker Policy” is to look out for the rich, and let everyone else pay for it.

I need to get off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening. I hope you are paying attention, because this is going to affect every one of us. This is a sign of a deeper issue, and even people in other states will feel the aftershocks of this earthshaking event.

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