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Moving Things Along

I don’t have a lot of progress to report today. I am still working on my summary. So far I have introduced five characters from my previous books, but it is still in the beginning stages of the plot.

George is the main character. If I follow my Star Wars analogy, he would be Luke Skywalker. He is an older man with the heart of a hero, and he is introduced when he tries to stop a rape. Eventually, he will be the one that visits the dragon in order to release his untapped magical potential. That magic will be what will save the world.

Miranda is the main Valkyrie. She is the one that discovers George and introduces him to the dragon. She is just trying to do her job and keep the supernatural world hidden from mortal view, but the growing demonic influence is making that more and more difficult.

Kari is Loki’s daughter. She is the one being raped at the start of the book. Despite her penchant for chaos, the rape affects her more than she likes to admit. This pain will cause her to make increasingly dangerous choices which result in more than a few men being harmed and possibly killed. I’m thinking that George and Miranda will have to step in at some point in order to turn her away from this course, otherwise she could easily end up filled with hate like her father.

Nicole is a rogue Valkyrie. She has broken away from the council of “retired” Valkyries that normally lead the supernatural women, and is on her own, enforcing law and order for all creatures, mortal and magical. She has hooked up with some rebel forces and regularly uses her powers to transport fugitives across the border to Canada. George will probably meet her when he goes to see the dragon. Other than the rebel connection, I’m not sure yet what role Nicole has to play in the story, but I’ll try to make it interesting.

The last character I have introduced so far is another George. This guy is Miranda’s dead boyfriend, and he is one of the Einherjar currently waiting for Ragnarök in the halls of Valhalla. I know there’s going to be some confusion with more than one character having the same name, so I’ll probably have to change one of them. My plan for the Einherjar is to have at least some of them be released into the world to help the rebels fight the demons. I might have this grow as the story progresses so that ALL of them are sent out, as this war reveals itself to actually be the start of Ragnarök.

So those are my characters, as well as some of my plans. What do you think? Am I on the right track? Would you read this story?

I’ll be back on Sunday with another update on my progress. Hopefully I’ll have the summary done by then and I’ll be working on breaking it down into an outline. We’ve only got two weeks left before the start of NaNoWriMo, so I had better get cracking!


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